What Does a New Grandma Need at Her House?

Every new grandma wants to know what she’ll need at her house when her grandbaby baby arrives. There are so many new gadgets and updated toys it can be overwhelming. Nan is pretty practical and trying not to overfill the house, but you may want your home filled with baby items from the get-go, and that’s okay! So many things depend on how often your little nugget will be at your home. Do they live with you? If so, you need it all! Will you watch the baby for one day or every day-of-the week, or will they be spending the night? Will your son or daughter be bringing baby gear too?

Let’s start with what you need at the very beginning….

Pack ‘n Play* – Whether the baby is spending the night or not, a new grandma needs this at her house! It’s so helpful to have a designated and safe place for the baby to nap or even change a diaper. The Pack ‘n Play has improved over the years by adding a bassinette feature, which is removable once the baby can turn over. Then they can sleep in the lowest part of the playard.

Bouncer Seat* – This is a must-have in Nan’s opinion! The seat contours to the baby’s body, its super comfy. Some have a battery-operated feature that vibrates the seat enough to soothe the baby. These are great when you have the whole family over for dinner. The baby can sit in the bouncer seat and watch everything that’s going on. We would put the baby on the kitchen island so they could see everyone at the table and all the lights. It was a hit!

Of course, it’s always nice to have a few bibs, burpee cloths, and blankets you keep at your home. By providing a designated diaper changing station with a changing mat, wipes and diapers, everyone can help with the little one. Plus, you won’t feel guilty if you want to use extra wipes! (Also, establish with your kids from the beginning where you want wet/dirty diapers thrown away.)

My daughters were bringing their bottle warmers over when they came to visit. I decided to purchase one to save them the trouble of lugging the thing around. We used to just warm water in the microwave and stick the bottle in it for our babies, but this invention is pretty awesome!

infant car seat - essentials for grandmas house

I didn’t purchase a car seat until my grandsons were a little older because when they visited, I didn’t take them out and about due to Covid. If you purchase one, consider whether you want to buy a base that matches their infant car seat. I did this when I did start venturing out on occasion with the babies. Your grand will be in the infant seat for a short while, and it is easy to get the seat in and out using a base (though it is heavy). It is also the more affordable option since the baby is required to use the infant car seat until they outgrow it, and you’ll probably want to upgrade to a larger car seat somewhere around their first birthday (depending on their size).*

These are the essentials used to prepare my house initially. As we talked about earlier, everyone is different, and our budgets are different. Some of you will have grands living with you, some will babysit every day, and some will babysit a couple of days a week. Others may only see their grands for occasional visits due to long distances. Hopefully, this helps in your initial preparations for the beautiful bundle of joy joining your family!

In our next post, let’s continue this conversation about what a new grandma needs at her house. Let’s chat about what has been added to Nan’s household over the last twelve months. I tried not to add everything at once because we wouldn’t need it all at the very beginning plus, we recently downsized our home so there was some practicality in trying not to add too much at once.

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*As a reminder, please read all instructions and safety materials with all baby product purchases. Read all age, weight, and safety recommendations before using any products with a baby.