6 Fun Things to Do with Your Grands This Summer!

Coming up with fun ideas to do with your grands can be challenging, especially with video games or other technology competing for your time and attention. Getting them outside for fresh air is a much-needed break for their brains and you’ll be creating fun memories by being right there playing alongside them! Here are some fun things to do with your grandchildren that are memorable and create a lot of laughter!

Help them run some energy off and get some fresh air! It will be good for both of you! Ready, set, go!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Kids love a scavenger hunt! Go out into your yard or go to a local park either way; they will have a great time, and so will you! Use this scavenger hunt or make one for yourself. You will see your grands personalities shine and create fun memories!

Walk in a Creek

Find a local park with a creek and first it out for safety purposes. Check to see where it is most shallow and where you should and shouldn’t walk. Make sure you and your grand have old sneakers to walk in the creek. These will protect your feet from sharp rocks and objects and help you both walk more steadily.

Kids absolutely love doing this because they can splash, stomp, and get as wet as they want!

TIP 1: Be sure to go on a hot day because usually the creeks are surrounded by trees and well shaded. If it is cool out, the water won’t feel as refreshing and you may have a cold, grumpy kiddo.

TIP 2: Bring towels to keep in your car to dry off and warm-up with for the drive home.

Paint Kindness Rocks

Be sure to bring home a few rocks from your walk in the creek to paint later. Join the trend of painting “Kindness Rocks.” Cover an outdoor table with paper to protect it from paint drips, and let the kiddos have fun! Let them paint away and get a little messy. Help them come up with kind messages to paint on the rocks. Examples include: “Be Brave,” “You Rock,” “Love,” and “Peace.” Seal them with Modge Podge. Once the rocks have dried, place them around the community with your grands so members of the community can find them. The idea behind the kindness rock is that the person who finds it needs the message you are sharing!

This is a great activity for kids, as it encourages compassion and is definitely a value that needs to be demonstrated these days.

Volunteer Together

Discover organizations that have special meaning to you and/or your grand. Find out when they have volunteer opportunities or will be hosting a fundraising walk. Bring your grand along to volunteer. Explain the importance of volunteering, how you will be helping that day, and teach them why giving back is important.

Make Bird a Feeder

Making a bird feeder is an easy craft for all age groups. Plan ahead as you’ll need plenty of empty toilet paper rolls for this project because kids want to make more than one. Use these project instructions to make an easy-peasy bird feeder.

Go to a Playground

Going to a playground needs no explanation at all! Kids love them! Go to a park near your home or go to a new one. When our kids were young, during the summer, we would go to the different elementary schools in our area to let them play on the school’s playgrounds. They thought that was a lot of fun. It’s always fun to play on a new playground with different equipment! Plus, it’s free!

This list is just the start; I’m confident you have other fun things to do with your grandchildren this summer! Please feel free to share your ideas with us, we would love to hear them.

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