Becoming a grandma

Becoming a Grandma

Becoming a grandma marks a new, fun, and exciting chapter in life. Is it always? For some grandmas-to-be, it takes a second to catch their breath to come to terms with the reality of this news, and that’s OK. Regardless of which grandma you are, we are in this together. From personal experience, Nan has been on both sides of this fence and understands.

Families face fear and worry as their child announces a pregnancy. Many times this comes with unexpected pregnancies, especially with very young mothers. Thoughts race through your mind, how will they manage? What will happen? How are they going to afford having a child? You want to be excited but you are scared for them. Yes, you will be there for them but they must be responsible for this life they have created. No matter what, you will absolutely love the baby. He or she will make your heart melt. 

Other grandmas can tell you how exciting it is and how much love you will feel, but you won’t fully grasp it until you meet your precious little nugget. You know you will love them, but your heart fills with an unbelievable joy when you meet the baby for the first time. The tiny button nose, sweet little mouth, and those itty-bitty fingers and toes are so beautiful and perfect, and just like that, they’ve stolen your heart!!

It’s probably been a while since you’ve held a tiny baby in your arms. It may also feel a bit awkward as your daughter or son (or dil/sil*) watch your EVERY move, just as you did with your newborn! Don’t worry, you’re a pro! Your loving grandma instincts kick into gear, and you will relax!

Cuddle your little nugget…the adventure begins!!! Congratulations on becoming a grandma!

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