A modern grandma sharing tips and ideas for grandparenting today!


Hi! My name is Amy, aka "Nan," or at least that's the plan if my one-year-old-ish grandsons call me by the "grandma nickname" I chose for myself! Only time will tell! My husband, Jason, and I recently celebrated 30 years of marriage and have two bright & beautiful daughters. Both daughters announced pregnancies in the fall of 2020 and by the early summer of 2021, we were blessed with two adorable grandsons! We love these boys beyond belief! We're lucky enough to live within 15 minutes of both boys so we see them frequently. 

I am all about connection and fun! I started this blog to connect with other "grandma girlfriends" and our grandchildren, or "grands," as I like to call them! Not only is it going to be fun to share the love of our grands together, but I hope we can share ways to connect with them in ways we may have never considered! I'm excited to get to know you, ladies and your grands!! There are so many beautiful aspects to being a grandma and others can try to tell you all about it, you don't fully understand until you are cuddling that delicious little nugget. Along with the fun, serious issues arise involving your children and grandchildren (that's part of the rollercoaster) and we will chat about these topics too. Of course, most of our focus will be on the joy, fun and connection we have with these precious littles!

Let's share stories, suggestions, and most of all, brag about these wonderful little blessings!! My goal is to have a deep connection with my grandchildren and if that's your goal too, we are going to have a great time! Below, I've listed topics I thought we could chat about as we get started:

Sound like fun? I hope so....I hope that we can learn from each other and share a lot of laughs!! One thing is certain, grands will make you cry (tears of joy), smile and laugh!!

As I stated above, the name "Nan" came from...well, me. Haha! I decided on this name before we knew about our grandchildren! I just loved the name and that was it for me! I know many of you have a "grandma nickname" too. Is it Mimi, Grams, Nana, Gigi, Gaga, Grammy, Oma...I can't wait to find out!! As we head out on this journey, let's agree to figure out these grandma things together!

If you have suggestions or simply want to chat with Nan, please reach out to hello@nuggetsfromnan.com, and let's talk!